Sunday, December 17, 2017

Love Must Be Real (Romans 12:9-21)

Love must be real (sincere, without pretense). 
Hate (abhor) what is evil; 
stick fast (cling) to what is good. 
Be truly affectionate in showing love (show family affection) to one another (be heartfelt in your love to one another)
compete with each other in giving mutual respect (honor one another above yourselves). 
Don't get tired of working hard (do not lack diligence; never be lacking in zeal; in zeal do not be lazy). 
Be (set) on fire with (by) the spirit. 
Work as slaves for the Lord (serve the Lord). 
Celebrate your hope (rejoice in hope); 
be patient in suffering (bear up under tribulation); 
give constant energy (be devoted) to prayer; 
contribute to (participate in) the needs of God's people; 
make sure you are hospitable to strangers (pursue hospitality).

Bless those who persecute you; 
bless them, don't curse them. 
Celebrate with those who are celebrating (rejoice with those who rejoice); 
mourn with the mourners (mourn [weep] with those who mourn [weep]). 
Come to the same mind with one another (be in agreement [live in harmony] with one another). 
Don't give yourselves airs (do not think highly of yourself; do not be proud), 
but associate with the humble (lowly; people of low position)
Don't get too clever for yourselves (do not be wise [proud] in your own estimation; do not fancy yourself sages; do not be conceited).

Never repay anyone evil for evil; 
think through what will seem good to everyone who is watching (take thought of what is good in the sight of all people)
If it's possible, as far as you can (as far as [to the extent that] it depends on you), live at peace with all people. 
Don't take revenge (do not avenge yourselves), my dear people, but allow God's anger room to work (give place to wrath). The Bible says, after all, "Vengeance is mine; I will repay (I will avenge, I will pay back), says the Lord." 
If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a (something to) drink. If you do this, you will pile up burning coals (heaping coals of fire) on his head. 
Don't let evil conquer you (Do not be overcome by evil). Rather, conquer (overcome, vanquish) evil with good.

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